User Permission "Except For"

Hi All,

Use permissions are allowed for a specific type:

For Example:

  • Supplier Groups created are A, B, C and D.
  • As per User Permission I can given one user access to Group A, another user access to Group B, and so on
  • however, what if i want to give an user access to all group except D. This can be done by given that user access to A,B and C and leaving out D. However, if there is a large data, it becomes complex to assign each user so many rights and there are possibilities of errors.

Is there a possible easy way of allowing access to an user to all except for one or two selected values?


Hi, any suggestion for this please?

two options

  1. restructure your item group as tree with sub node e.g
All Item Group
     Generic Group 
        Group A
        Group B
        Group C
    Special Group
         Group D

Now you can assign end node e.g Group A or group node e.g General Group to users.

option2: create custom doctype to maintain user( or role) vs item group mapping, add one more field to mark the item group as inclusive or exclusive. then create permission query python script, like this How to give permissions to User on Tasks in Projects based on Department? - #2 by szufisher

Thanks for your suggestions.