User Permission for Company not working in reports, v12

I have setup two companies, A & B. A is Parent and B is child of A.

Now I have setup user permission of a user to access only company B.

It works in great in every docType but when I open any sort of report Company filters doesn’t show any company in the dropdown, technically it should company B in this list.

Any help would be appreaciated.


I am a bit new at this part, but I believe you will only see child companies of the one you are logged into at the time. Otherwise it assumes the company that you are signed into.


@bkm in my case any of the reports doesn’t show any company in this case.

Any one facing the same in v12?

It really depends on what company the USER is assigned to.

If you login as a user of Company A then you would see Company B in the drop-down list as an alternative company to use because Company B is a child of Company A.

If you login as a user of Company B then there would be no other company listed because Company B does not have any child companies.


@bkm How can I login as company A or B, as far my knowledge we login in to the system globally then based on user permission, erpnext handles on its own.

same issue here , I can not see list of companies in any where even I set up default company in the ERPnext settings in V12.

Any ideas to make it enable ?

I have set up user wise permission to companies.