User Permission for Website User not working

Hello Everyone, I have an issue regarding user permissions for Website Users.

I created a doctype called Supplier Registration, this will act as a pre-requisite form to be filled before a supplier is created on ERPNext, this doctype also has a web form which is linked to it. the prospective supplier will interact with the webform and the values should reflect on the doctype form.

The intention is that the prospective suppliers will fill this form with the relevant information and should not be able to create any new registration documents from the web view and should not be able to view documents created for other prospective suppliers.

But as indicated in the screenshot above, this is not the case.
I used user permissions to ensure that each document is mapped to the user it was created for.

I have set the permissions on the doctype form using role permissions and also ensured that the user has only the vendor applicant role (Custom role). but the user can still create documents from the website view.

Does anyone have an idea on how to resolve this?

now read and write rights also apply to documents created by others, which you just don’t need. To avoid this, you need to check the box Only if Creator.

Thanks for your comment, but the creator in this case is not the supplier but the system user who created the document and sent to the supplier to create, I fixed this by using css to hide the new button.

Then you need to do this: the system manager creates a document and shares it with the user to whom he sends it. This user has rights to read and write, but no rights to create a new one.

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