User Permission hassle

Dear all,
I have successfully created a very large set of “User Permission” for values in multiple docTypes. All works exactly as expected for the initial user. Now, I have 5 more users which will share the exact rights and the question is how do I assign/clone/copy these rules to the remaining 5 users? Repeating the same process for the remaining 5 users manually is a hassle with possible mistakes.


Create a unique Role and assign your user permissions to this role using the Role Permission Manager. Then assign this role to the users you need.

I am afraid I did not get you. A role permission does not allow you to set permissions against the real data in the doctype. It simply allows you to create rules against docTypes only. The User permission however, allows you to set permissions for users based on values in the database. For example, I can only allow users to view “Suppliers” that belongs to a particular group. Unless, I am missing something, could you kindly elaborate?


Sorry I misread your initial question.

In that case you could use the Data import tool . First download the existing record for user permission for the first user you have set. Then using this as base create the Import New records … making sure that the ID column is left blank as this is autogenerated by the system and then populate it only changing the users in User Column

That sounds like a crumby solution but will definitely help a lot!
Thank you so much centaur!