User permission hierarchy

User Manager have the right to read/write/submit/edit/create a sales invoice.
As User A and B do not have the permission to edit/submit other sales invoice but only there sales invoice which they created.
Requirement: i want to allow user A and B to only view other sales invoices while they are able to read/create/write/submit there own invoices.
any solutions?

did you get any solution?

You can try creating a new role and add the user permission as :

Check “Only if Creator” : This will allow the permissions only if user Creates the Sales Invoice

thanks, but using this permission UserPermTest role can able to own and from other user all but read mode right? what about manager role suppose i have 5 manager and every manager under 5 sales person working, now every manager only can see teammates documents this is my question…
and thanks you are right for creator level means sales person level…

I understand, based on my knowledge I don’t think there is any functionality. Maybe you can work with User Permissions. Or you can write a script, that every time a salesperson creates a sales invoice, it is “Shared With” the manager automatically. So even if the manager does not have rights, sales invoices that are shared with the user can be Read/ Write.