User Permission Not working for Territory

I set Territory X for User A. Checked Apply User Permission for Sales Invoice and Delivery Note doctype.

When User A creating delivery note/sales invoice, seems it’s overwritten by customer territory in customer master.

It should follow user permission setting… One customer can transact on different territory.

It may lead user to make wrong input because they have to select proper territory each time.

User permission should work…but I don’t know every time we choose customer then territory field is fetched from customer master, not from user permission setting.

Is this a ‘bug’?

As you are restricting user by territory, the user should be able to select only Customers from that territory. You should set user permission on customer document based on territory.

If so, users have to create another customer per territory, although it’s the same customer.

In my opinion as user, a customer can transact on different territories so no need to create another customer record per territory. If so, customer master may mess up by many records…it may lead confusing.

I think the transaction form should follow user permission setting if defined.

User permission setting should be on top priority to set default field value…but now it’s overwritten by customer master…

Creating another customer master record per territory for same customer is wasting exercise…

Hello Sir ,

I have create on role having assign 3 role 1 newly created role that test role and second is sales master manager and third is sales user in below allow module section allow only selling module and support .
in user permission list based on territoy set the permision …

when i login with that user and see the contact in that all supplier ,employee ,customer contact are visible to that user , i want only visible customer contact to this user ,can u please help me how this do…