User permission not working with dynamic link

Hi community!
The user permission feature does not seem to work on documents with dynamic link
Is someone know a workaround or a way to upgrade this even via coding ?


What is the use case @Steven_Athouel?

can you elaborate on it?

I have a Lead Doctype that can come from different type of sources
so i have a Select field with the list of the source types then a second dynamic link that specify the source within the source type.

I want to allow specific users to see only the leads linked to a specific source of a source type

is that clear ?

thanks !

Looks like Opportunity From the scenario, you want to apply the user permission in the dynamic link field, which means customer. right?

Thanks a lot for your assistance
I déveloped a custom frappe app to feet my need my qustion is not about ERP next default behavior it’s about frappe related feature
However your example seems to feet my question yes.