User Permission Of Chart Of Account - Users & Companies must not share CoA but still do

I have assigned
company A to User A
company B to User B.
User A only can allow to read Company A.
And User B only can allow to read Company B.
and that is working.
But in Chat of Account. User A & User B both are allowed to read both companies.
And Don’t want this.
I want User A can only read Company A in Chat Of Account.

You have to make company field mandatory in COA filter and also remove default company if any, selected in global default

In role permissions manager select the doctype and check apply user permissions in document type select if company is permitted.
Also you can go in user permissions make a new user permission and set company as the company name.

Hello @ushashmi @ushashmi

From where you can make company field as mandatory in COA filter?


I guess its already mandatory in COA