User permission problem

i have a user with the role production manager but this user should not have access to the user doctype. i have checked the role permission manager and no user with this role has access to the user doctype but some way the user is able to access the user doctype. how can it be fixed

What version are you using? I don’t see a role for “Production Manager” in V14.

If you open up the user account as an admin, at the top you should see a button “Permissions” > “view permitted documents”.

Does the user have permissions there? You can change them manually for the user, or change it at the profile level.

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 8.31.27 AM

its a custom role i created and am using v14 too

the user does not have any permission on this doctype

Every user have access to it’s own user i think thats how it works. He can see and modify it’s own information

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alright i now get it