User Permission Still Apply Even 'Apply User Permission' is not checked


I defined user permission for warehouse doctype for specific users…it works okay across doctypes except stock entry. In role permission manager I have unchecked Apply User Permission for Stock Entry…and already checked ‘Ignore User Permission’ for warehouse fields in Stock Entry.

But user permission still apply in stock entry? anybody has ideas?


really stuck!!..I want to ignore permission for target warehouse so I checked ‘Ignore User Permission’ … For source warehouse, I want the permission is still applied so ‘ignore user permission’ is leaved unchecked.

In role permission manager…Apply User Permission is checked for Stock Entry…

not working!!..both source warehouse and target warehouse show only allowed warehouse… I want target is ignore but source is applied

If I try the same setting for Sales Invoice doctype…then its working…'ignored user permission’is checked for warehouse field

Seems to be working fine in the test account.

Have you checked “If warehouse is permitted” under Select Document Types.

@ArundhatiS do you mean in stock entry doctype? Yes but not working…

Using V7.1.22

Yes, I have checked "If warehouse permitted " but user permission still apply
Using v7.1.22. A bug?

I want to apply user permission for source warehouse, but not for target warehouse…
How to do this? Really stuck…