User permissions after creation


I’d like to propose an improvement from the user experience/usability perspective. I’ve noticed that all the ERPNext users that I know, including myself were facing the following issue. Once we created a new user we haven’t added the required permissions for the Role. So, it decreases the ERPNext UX and the first impression at all. Anyway you have to remember to add the roles after user creation.

Why can’t we at least highlight the corresponding sections to draw the admin’s attention:

in addition it would be nice to put an additional popup once user is being created which is saying something like this: “You have just created a new user. Please set the required permisisons for their role”

The second point that there is (/desk#List/User) no a kind of:

  • bulk modification of their roles
  • bulk activation/deactivation of user accounts

The Import fuction requires some UX improvements like adding a new user(s)/role(s) from a template (i.e. add a new button or popup when creating a new user/role, which would allow you to chose a template for user/role)

I want to give access of different companies to different users