User Permissions - Default Values

I am trying to set Default Values for Links for a user through ‘User Permissions’, but it seems the system is unable to load all the Doctypes.

Any clues?

Maybe you want to use Role Permission Manager ?


No … as stated I am trying to set default values for links for a user, so as far as I know Role Permission Manager will not work.

If you just set a User Permissions, then for that link field, the value set in the User Permission will become default value for that User. If your queries is still not answered, please share the actual use case, so that we can support you better.


Agreed to what you are saying … but my query is why is the system not showing more doctypes? please refer to the screenshot in my first post.

eg. I have created two Letterheads (A & B), I want to set A is default letter head for User X.

Any updates?