User Permissions DELETED for all but after one Hour or an Upgrade System restores

Hi all,
For some reason when i delete All User Permissions so that after one one or less and if i do a bench migrate all Permissions are restored and of course not allowing for instance HR manager to see all records…

ERPNext: v12.16.2 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.13.0 (version-12)

Any tips?


After user reset PASSWORD it returns

Hi all,
Anyone to explain me where can i delete the RESTORE and why is the System restoring after i delete all from the User Permission!

Hi all,
Found the reason why every time i deleted the User Permission and when processing the Salary it was restored and of course limiting the user if HR Manager on seeing all…
This was the reason and did not remember that option now on Employee

This is for future users reference :slight_smile: