User permissions for different warehouses


We have 4 different warehouses in our company, and each of those is managed by a different owner/ warehouse in-charge. The problem I’m facing is that currently all of those people are able to make stock entry for any of the warehouses. This isn’t right, as it can cause wrong entry update.

I wish to limit the permission to making stock entry to only respective warehouses. Please guide me on how this can be done.

An associated issue is that of manufacturing users also being able to issue material from the main parent store. The cause of this problem is that manufacturing users need to make stock entry for material consumption (as part of completing their work orders). Giving them this right enables them to make any stock entry in the parent warehouse as well. This is causing major data discrepancy issues.

Please guide me.

Other details:
Using manufacturing focused modules of ERP


Hi @Shashank, please find below the screenshot that may help.

Go to User Permission >> Add/Update >> User >> Doctype = Warehouse >> Document = select relavant warehouse


Thanks a lot Suresh. This seems to have solved the problem. Will continue to use this, and will get back to you in case I face any other related issues.



Following up on this.

The solution by Suresh didn’t solve the problem completely. And I wonder if the reason is a bug. After implementing user permissions for warehouses, the users see only their allowed warehouses in “Default Source/ Target Warehouse” fields. However, they can still see, select and make an entry for unauthorised warehouses if they choose these from the item table. Additionally, the users are also able to make unauthorised warehouse material transfers from the item page.

Adding some screenshots to better explain the scenario.

  1. User permission for user prod4@ allow only 3 warehouses: Finished Goods, Work in Progress and zz Workstation.

  2. In Stock Entry, Default warehouse fields only show the approved warehouses options:

  1. On the same page of Stock Entry, item table forms allow selection of any warehouse:

  2. Item page also allows transfer between any warehouse

Have I missed some important step in implementing these permissions? Or is it some system bug?


We have a similar issue.

Additionally, when making material transfers between warehouses we’d like to have an option to enable an authorization step by the reciever. This to avoid unauthorized transfers.