User permissions/permission and roles

Hello everyone,

I would like a customized role different from the HR manager/user to access the job applicant doctype. There’s a default restriction on employees that only allows them to view job applicants if they were referred by that employee

I have tried to grant the user the permission for all job applicants, but it seems I can only grant access manually to some applications and not all

Is there a way I can grant access to all job applicants to other roles?

Hi @Syd,

Please apply for the Role Permissions Manager.

Please set a role profile as your according to.

Thank You!

Thank you for your response.

Just to be sure, I gave the role I want ALL permissions. The problem is the default restriction as stated above. It restricts employees to only view applicants that have their names as the Source.

It is quite similar to the default permission that only allows employees to view their own records as shown below. The only difference is that I can override the default employee permissions by either adding more employee permissions so they can view records for other people or I delete the existing user permission for them to access the records of all employees

Found the answer here. I ignored user permissions on the employee source name field.

User Permissions).

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