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Hi All,

First of all i would like to thank you because always you give some advice. As always i searched in the forum before i post something.

I created some web form for our client, everything is perfect except to one thing.

When i have multiple entries it show in list but it shows only the title. How can i display more information in the same line?

Can i edit from html forms? Also, how can i display custom form in 2 columns? Webform doesn’t give the option of “column break”

Also, can the client have access to the specific custom report?


@artemiou_a, for show more information inline you need click the option “in list view” in options of the field.

Thanks for your prompt response.

In the Desk i know how to do that. I need to know how to do it in customer portal. Please check below the screenshot

It displays only the title. Can i display some more options inline?

@artemiou_a i dont used the customer portal yet! But you can check if have any message at console? Press F12 to show it!

@artemiou_a Web Forms are not very richly features yet. There is no way to customize listing.

Thanks for prompt response rmehta

Do we have an option to show reports on a webuser level? If yes, we can do that with this way.

No, you will have to make custom pages.

im using v10
when you create a webofrm for a doctype it will create a folder called webform in the app folder
… there is two files.html with form name … go the the doctype_list_row.html and customize it as you want :wink:

Has there been any update on this in the meantime?