User Precautions

Hello team, I wanted to ask, what are the precautions as a user of erpnext , should i keep in mind in order to not be the reason for my erpnext to be crashed ?

Have daily backup to Google drive or Droobox Never upgrade without a restore point on VPS, a snapshot is the best. Get SSL working and only give access on need basis to user. Disable root access on VPS.

Never make instance through frappe or ERPNext as user. Make your own user name on server. Read and understand Frappe and ERPNext documents available online. Never make changes to core. Do it through an independent app.

Some quick thoughts from top of my head. Happy coding.

Thank you
How do i do the backup on Google drive daily?

You can find setting in Integration module. Read this. before that bench enable-scheduler from you frappe-bench folder.

Thank you