User Profile Page customization

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I want to customize User Profile page or at least to remove the Change User button. Is this possible?

Please check below image.

Yes using custom scripts. What specific change are you looking at?

Thank you @Shinzuco for your reply.

I just want to hide/remove Change User button. Could you please let me know how can I do that within Custom App?

Step 1. Create Custom App
Step 2. Create Custom Script for the User DocType and enable it
Step3 . Add the below code inside refresh(frm)

$('[data-doctype="Change User"]').find("button").hide();

Step 4. Inside your custom app’s include
fixtures=[{"dt":"Client Script", "filters": [["dt","in",("User")]]},]
Step 5: (for exporting changes) bench export-fixtures

Tip:- try bench migrate and bench restart after bench export-fixtures in case the change is not reflected

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Thanks again @Shinzuco

Actually, the solution didn’t work. I followed the steps with no luck. By the way, the required page is not of the type Doctype. It is a Page. I believe this is the reason.

Custom script won’t work in pages so you have to create a custom app and include the below css code in the app’s assets

#page-user-profile .standard-actions {
    display: none!important;


Thank you for your reply. I will try that.