User restriction based on naming series

I am facing an issue where I need to provide user restrictions based on the naming series value selected.
We have 2 teams, one which looks after manufacturing and the other which looks after service. Now billing of both is done under the same team but the naming series is different. I want to restrict manufacturing to only generating invoices with its naming series, they should not be able to generate invoices using service naming series.

In case either team selects a wrong naming series, then the document should not get submitted.

Try using POS Profiles.

In v13 the Naming Series was removed from POS Profiles, but you can still add it back using “Customize Form” for POS Profile. I have done this myself already.

I keep track of sales reps transactions by their separate Naming Series. I have done this since v10 ERPNext.

When the native POS changed to using shifts to group sales together, I switched to POS Awesome app in v13 ERPNext so that I could still use POS Profiles to restrict the warehouses the reps draw from for their sales.

The only problem was the Naming Series no longer appeared in POS Profile so I added it back in by inserting the field above the “Disabled” check box in the POS Profile form.

Use “Naming Series” as the name and set the type of field to “Select” and then copy the entire list of series names from your “Naming Series” settings for “Sales Invoices” and paste it into the “Options” section for the field.

If you want to further restrict it (like I had to do) then you set “User Permissions” for each person making sales so they can only select their relevant POS Profile.

I have this very scenario already working.

Hope this helps…

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