User role permission for employee

Employee vishal as employee role and he can apply leave application of chaman user form own account

Check “If Owner” for Employee Role & Leave Applicatiom Doctype in Role Permission Manager

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Show option Only (Only If Creator) no option of owner

if owner is now changed as if creator @amit_vaid

What is your Frappe version?

ERPNext: v11.x.x-develop (5899d98) (develop)

Frappe Framework: v11.x.x-develop (7249433) (develop)

ok as per @hereabdulla reply, its changed to If Creator

by default its show IF CREATOR

Have you checked it?

yes its showing same

Then the employee should get permission error if he tries to submit Leave Application for others.

but there is no error , when employee apply anothers leave request

Check Apply User permissions & under it check If Employee is permitted.