User Sign Up Email Verification Issue


I have set up an instance of ERPNext (v12.3.1) on AWS as packaged by Bitnami. I have configured the default outgoing email with Amazon SES. I have found that if I try and sign up a new user, the email is sent to the email address specified. Clicking on the link in the email sends me to the page to set a password. However once a password is submitted, it redirects to the page shown below:

The path of this page in the URL is “/Cannot Update: Incorrect / Expired Link.”

Attempting to login as the new user with the password specified also does not work, with the error, “Invalid Login. Try again.” being displayed.

Any assistance or pointers to relevant documentation to rectify this issue would be greatly appreciated. Please advise if further information is required.

Hello, did you have the right login data?

Please check your data.

My own solution, i have reset the Adminstrator password:

Now you can login as “Administrator” with password “admin”, than you change the “user@example” password.

But the bitnami ERPNext VM based on Debian 9, Debian Stretch.

I`m search an better ERPNext - Linux Distribution combination: