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As you may see, this is my first post. Thanks a lot for the great app. I am new to ERPNext and currently testing. Now, I stuck with the naming series for quotations:

The naming series for quotations needs to digits at the end (e.g. 06) for the user who created the quotation. Therefore, I have created a custom field “Quotation ID” is doctype “User” and also in “Quotation”, but I am not able to fetch the “Quotation ID” into a new quotation.

So, my question:

  • Is it possible to evaluate the user when creating a new quotation?
  • then fetch the “Quotation ID” from user doctype?

I tried custom scripts, link fields, data dependencies, but I assume it needs to get the current user first, right?

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Hi there,

I tried to get the current user, now. But I am still struggling with a sustainable solution. I have used the following custom script at my quotation:

var Current_User = user;{
args: {
filters: {‘email’: Current_User
callback: function(r) {
cur_frm.set_value(“angebotsid”, r.message[“angebotsid”]);

This helps so far, as m custom field “angebotsid” is set and displayed. Perfect! Unfortunately, its works only once. The first quotation after login gives back the right value, for all additional new quotations, the field is empty again.

Some, who could give me a hint?


Welcome to ERPNext @justsayups check out these hints and inform us what worked?
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Hi John,

Thanks for your reply.

The naming series itself is not the problem. I was able to get this work.

My problem is to get the user specific value “angebotsid” (custom field in doctype user) in a sustainable way, i.e. not only once.

I realise now that my subject was not a clever one.


Hi Johannes,

Check these for ideas

Also note this library tutorial Frappe Framework Tutorial

The learning curve for ERPNext is somewhat steep but the rewards are worth it!

This forum, the docs and videos etc are a gold mine of support

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