User With All Roles & Modules Having Access Issues


We are getting very frustrated with the security permissions and access controls on this system! One of our Accountants is just trying to setup a basic Ledger for a sister property holding company. I deployed ERPNext per this guide and setup the our Finance Controller and Staff Accountant as users. I tried to make them Administrators and gave them ALL Roles and ALL Modules. I even tried to set them as Administrators, but the User Type just keeps defaulting back to ‘System User’, which also makes no sense to me.

Even still, our Accountant continues to receive ridiculous access issues…

^Why does it matter if a Sales Tax entry is linked with a template?? That should literally not even matter!

Then when our Accountant tries to go to the linked Template:
^ Why would this be the case if she has ALL Access I can grant!??

She can see this if I set manual explicit User Permissions, which is incredibly laborious. Why isn’t there just an ‘Allow All’ functionality or something for the given menu item???

^ But this still doesn’t allow her to delete the Sales Tax items…

The Accountant user’s account in the system looks like so:

Therefore… why would she ever have a problem with access? Why can’t I just make her an Administrator?

I think a majority of this issue stems back to the Chart of Accounts… Why can’t you edit the Chart of Accounts Standard Template that auto creates all of this trash we have to cleanup in the first place?? We already have a CoA we’re trying to implement but working it into this system’s standard template has proved to be a huge headache…

How can I just remove all these barriers so we setup the basic Accounting Books for this basic company? Any assistance at all is a huge appreciation.