Users and Permission

Dear Team,

I am newbie to frappe and ERP next. i am not sure my understanding is wright / wrong. Permission section is not working under the Doctype (HD Ticket). I think, it works only based on the “Role Permission Manager”. Please correct my understanding / let me know if any good material for User Role and Permission.

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You can refer this:


Divyesh Mangroliya

Thanks Mangroliya. I have already gone through this link but i am not getting the expected result


You can post the specific requirements like for which DocType and what exactly you want to restrict or allowed. With the specific details community members can help you to get your desired result.


Divyesh Mangroliya

Hi Mangroliya,

I have installed the HD Helpdesk into my system. please find the below version details

And to control the user, i have created new custom role called “Basic_user_role” and mapped this role to a user as below.

As per the document you have shared ( Users and Permissions (, Permission can set in “Doctype” and in “Role Permission Manager”. so based on this i have set as below.

  • When “Basic_user_role” is mapped in “HD Ticket Doctype”, under the permission section. it is not working.

  • When “Basic_user_role” is mapped in “Role Permission Manager”, it is working. then what is the use of permission section in"HD Ticket" Doctype.

Can you Guide me how the Doctype Permission and Role permission Manager works and how to configure based on the users/level.