Using an API to Get Sales Orders

Hi all,

I did a search but can’t find much information on this.

A customer of ours offers their sales order data via an API and I would like to automate the information flow as much as possible.

Absolute perfect scenario is press a button in ERPNext and it Gets all new sales orders for us as vendor and brings them into ERPNext as new Sales Orders with information pre-populated. Now that’s probably only a dream at this point in time. Please tell me if it isn’t :slight_smile:

I’m also on the Cloud hosted system so don’t have full control over things and that may limit my options too.

What I had thought of initially was to create an Excel document with custom VBA to fetch the data and format it into columns. Similar to this: That will give me a document I can save as CSV and import using the standard tools.

Given it’s a simple API call to get recent orders:


Is there another or easier way to set this up? Looking for all options so I can weigh up the best one.


There is a sample code


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