Using (and reserving) "Tools" inside Manufacturing

Hallo @all, has any one used equiptment inside production befor?

I would like to be able to use Tools for a job which are then reserved for the time of production. I had the though of just placing an item inside BOM and then putting that Item back in it’s “Toolshed” afterwards.

Are there any other approaches?



If I remember correctly, I checked this for a customer and the occupation/reservation of machines or tools was not a standard functionality then.

But I guess @dominik must have built something like this for his factory?

Hi @rmeyer thank you for given information!

new in v13 is the following:

This would be occupation/reservation of machines.

What we are looking for is something similar for Assets. Assets could/should be in my “toolbox/shed” and be taken out for production and placed back after production. This could also go into planing Work Orders.

Also it seems, that there is no connection between Items (type asset) and Workstations, right?

@dominik do you have any hints on this?

Kind Regards.


Did you find or have any solution for this. I am facing internal tool movement challenge


Sorry, not yet. The project in which this requirement occuered is on hold.


Are there plans to address this in v15? We would love to use the BOM functionality but cannot due to this issue. Is there a roadmap somewhere?