Using API to login: only usr/pwd works, token and Basic won't work


I’m on v13.51.1.

It is very strange. Using Postman, I try to log in via API.

It works using usr and pwd combination.

It doesn’t work when I use token & Bearer.

Following Token Based Authentication numerous times.

URL to call via API: http://server/api/method/login
Header: “Authorization” in key, either “token c3334ac1610da68:05f4a1a1ed8e5f4” or “Basic api-key:api-secret

Frappe seems to insist on using “usr” and “pwd”:

	"message": "Incomplete login details",
	"exception": "frappe.exceptions.AuthenticationError",
	"exc": "[\"Traceback (most recent call last):\\n  File \\\"apps/frappe/frappe/\\\", line 55, in application\\n    init_request(request)\\n  File \\\"apps/frappe/frappe/\\\", line 127, in init_request\\n    frappe.local.http_request = frappe.auth.HTTPRequest()\\n  File \\\"apps/frappe/frappe/\\\", line 36, in __init__\\n    self.set_session()\\n  File \\\"apps/frappe/frappe/\\\", line 70, in set_session\\n    frappe.local.login_manager = LoginManager()\\n  File \\\"apps/frappe/frappe/\\\", line 117, in __init__\\n    if self.login() == False:\\n  File \\\"apps/frappe/frappe/\\\", line 140, in login\\n    self.authenticate(user=user, pwd=pwd)\\n  File \\\"apps/frappe/frappe/\\\", line 241, in authenticate\\n\\\"Incomplete login details\\\"), user=user)\\n  File \\\"apps/frappe/frappe/\\\", line 302, in fail\\n    raise frappe.AuthenticationError\\nfrappe.exceptions.AuthenticationError\\n\"]"

What’s up?