Using client payment to pay 3 differetn accounts

I have a client that has 3 different accounts. But, he paid all three account with one check.

Is there a way to pay invoices from 3 different accounts?



You can use JV for this I think.

Can I ask what a JV is?


JV = Journal Voucher

Journal Voucher is a generic accounting entry, so it can handle pretty much anything.

a journal entry? Same thing?

I’d be curious as to how to actually perform this?

How would you go about entering a bank deposit, and payment of invoices from 3 different accounts from a journal entry? What would it look like? I have only used the normal payment options when looking at an invoice, which the option of adding other invoices from the same account.

See if this helps:

Sorry, yes, JV is old terminology. Journal Entry is the correct doctype.

Account Debit Credit
Bank Account $6000
Customer Account A $2000
Customer Account B $1000
Customer Account C $3000

Then, in the details for each of the customer account lines, set reference to the appropriate sales invoice.