Using Cloudflare tunnels to access nginx multitenancy with ISP blocking port 80

Hi there

I have this scenario and i need help
I have company 1 and company 2 , both in multitenancy mode and the access of those companies will be
and I’m configuring my router to port forwarding 8000 to 80

Recently I watched a video related to Cloudflare tunnels with zero trust and it was an amazing idea but I couldn’t configure it as there is something missing as I’m not I.T.

We need manual or video to explain step by step how to do it as it is very great idea

thanks all

please share that cloudflare video here, so others can look into the issue you are facing.

So, I’m running exactly what you’re tryna run. I have about 5 servers inside a single Mac Studio (using Parallels) with a single “dynamic” ip.

What I did was bit different from what you’re tryna do, but I believe you can achieve your goals with the following:

  1. Create your site in the server using bench new-site
  2. Create another site using bench new-site
  3. You gotta have nginx, might as well just run sudo bench setup production MYFRAPPEUSER
  4. Create your tunnel for
  5. Run the Zero Trust code in our machine
  6. Go to your DNS zone in the CF, and copy your tunnel’s CNAME
  7. Creata a new CNAME for, paste the CNAME from the
  8. Success!

Good luck!


If your ISP is blocking port 80, just enable HTTPS in CF Zero Trust but make sure to disable No TLS Verify.


can you please explain point 5 ( 1. Run the Zero Trust code in our machine ) ???

This video help me