Using Custom Script in Kanban view


Is there a way to apply custom script (client/server script) to the Kanban board, I would like to customize the Kanban board including:

  • Show more info in the card.
  • Override the “Add Task” button, (would like to redirect to full page instead of creating the new task in a blank card)

Note: I don’t have access to the source code, so I am not able to modify the source code.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, I’m trying to do the same thing. Did you find a solution?

Unfortunately, I did not find a solution during that time, but you can try to achieve it by adding app_include_js in your custom app hook.js file.
Then determine if the current page is Kanban board or not by using frappe.get_route() in the js file.

You can trigger the function every time a route change using

frappe.router.on('change', () => {
    // if frappe.get_route() page and title is Kanban board page
        // do something

Make sure you are using v14. Some good functionality was added recently. I think including adding more info to cards.

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It would be nice if the detailed view of the item popped up in a model. I wrote a bunch of code for embedding views into the dashboard. Perhaps an embedded view could be put in a popup model here. :thinking: