Using Customise Form to change the number of fields on the Purchase Invoice is not working

Trying to update the Purchase Invoice form by rearranging the field rows is not working. As soon as we save the form, the changed rows are reset to their original index.

If you could, say the steps you take to move the fields, and which fields.


  1. In Customise Form, type Purchase Invoice in the Enter Form Type
  2. Scroll down until we find the FIELDS section then drag the numbers in the order we need it to present itself in the Purchase Invoice form
  3. When done rearranging it to our desired sequence, click on Update

In my v12.4 , I am unable to move the fields at all using drag and drop or by expanding the field and move.

I have to get this done for a client. I am wondering if it’s a bug and needs to be resolved. :thinking:

Does one have to be in developer mode to do this? Can you change the order by customizing the doctype?

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We have managed to rearrange the fields and sections by duplicating the respective forms for customisations.

But, that has resulted in a new set of problems:

  1. The customised duplicates of Purchase and Sales Invoices are listed under a new Documents section in the Accounting module. We need it to be listed amongst the Billing links.

  2. In both the original invoice forms, when adding items, the name, price were automatically fetched; and upon setting the quantity, the total was automatically calculated; so was VAT. This is no longer working in the customised versions.

  1. Figured it out in the Customise Form options.