Using "Depends on" field to hide/show other fields


I added new checkbox to the task form, I am trying to hide other fields (either from task table, or new fields) based the checkbox value using “depends on” as following:

Eval:doc.hide == 1

but it is not working

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Please try with this syntax :
eval:doc.checkbox_field_name == 1

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thank you for your answer

this is exactly what I tried to do but it is not working

I have tried with this, it worked for me.
Can you please provide screen-shot of your depends on field syntax…

I had the same problem, Maybe you have the field hided.

dear i am also tring to use it as:

eval:doc.checkbox_item_code == 1

i need to make read only rate field if item_code == 1

but its completely hides the field does not shows up.

don’t know if you solved already, solution should be this:
eval:doc.checkbox_field_name == ‘1’


you can take referance from this :- go on 2:24,and add in “depends on” :-Eval:doc.fieldname == 1 or Eval:doc.fieldname == 0 , of Doctype2’s field.

using both of this ,you can execute it