USING ERPNext by third party logistics providers/frieght forwarders

Team, Can we use ERPNext for 3pl providers as a WMS.
The third part logistics provider would be running a warehouse where he would have different companies as clients.
Are there any addon’s which provide the 3pl workflow.

thanks in advance

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I think it’s possible to tweak the existing features of ERPNext in order to cater to third party logistics providers. You can setup additional doctypes if needed and then integrate these doctypes to the existing ERPNext Doctypes.

I’m not so sure if anyone in the community has published a frappe app/addon for this one. But I believe it’s definitely possible.

I am planning to work on some customizations for 3PL and 4PL by using the existing stock management.

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Have you been able to customize and use ERPNext for 3pl/4pl? I am interested to see what has been done. Are you able to share the workflow? I am in the logistics industry and we have been using ERPNext for over three years but with limited functionalities on the logistics and accounting side. Let me know if you can help. Thanks


Hello Jeff, did you get around to it?