Using erpnext database in erpnext_shopify

Hi, can anyone explain, how following is working in erpnext_shopify?

for item in frappe.db.sql(“”“select item_code, item_name, item_group,
description, has_variants, stock_uom, image, shopify_id, shopify_variant_id, sync_qty_with_shopify
from tabItem where sync_with_shopify=1 and (variant_of is null or variant_of = ‘’)
and (disabled is null or disabled = 0)”“”, as_dict=1):
sync_item_with_shopify(item, price_list, warehouse)

I am trying to setup erpnext_shopify but getting error due to missing doctype of Item ( i.e. erpnext database ) … Do we need to setup erpnext_shopify on erpnext site?

You need to install ERPNext to work with shopify_erpnext.

Query fetches those items from table, where sync with shopify is marked, item should not be variant items and item should not be disabled

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for quick response. I have already installed erpnext, is it using ERPNext database? or its using erpnext_shopify db database for tabItem table here in this query?

If its using same as ERPNext then how can we install it here

I am just confused how the project is talking to 2 databases at a time. Can any one help me on that?


I got the answer, had to install the connector in Setup → Integrations. Some how I missed that in its read me section.