Using ERPNext to manage construction projects

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Please how can I benefit from ERPNext to manage construction projects?

@dufani1: project management / accounting as well as generic sales/purchase/CRM things could be useful for construction project management niche.

I know one company in Estonia (EU) that uses ERP Next Cloud to manage their solar power station/units installation/construction business.

However, if you need to leverage specific calculation mechanisms and construction norming, this is not covered by ERP Next out of pocket. You will have to involve heavy software development and customization efforts to meet requirements of this type.

I hope it is helpful.

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Thanks gvyshnya for your reply

@dufani1 i have a plumber contractor using this, and they do big commercial locations. GitHub - revant/civil_contracting: Frappe App for use in Civil Contracting Business

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Thanks for your help and I am happy with this community which have people like you.
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@dufani1 youre welcome