Using ERPNext to Support Managed Services

Hello Everyone,

We are considering to use ERPNext to support the operation of a a Managed Services Provider (MSP). What we need is to support:

  • Creating a rate card: We have different rates for employees depending on experience levels (ie, K1-K7)
  • Create Clients
  • Create Project Codes: A client may have many PC tied to them
  • Assign Project Codes to Employees
  • Timesheets: Employees can log hours against different PC over the week
  • Reporting: Generate a report with total hours logged against a CP with rates applied…

Can someone please let me know if this is possible? What modules do we need to enable?

You will probably need a bit of customization (rates and experience levels …).

Projects, timesheets, tasks … are fully supported. Even assignement rules for tasks is a standard feature … Reporting is really easy too.

Thank you for the reply AVC, as we need someone to help with this. Can someone please reach out to me to discuss how we can move forward with our requirement?

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