Using erpnext with google apps account

I’m just wondering if there is any integration existing between ERPnext and google apps.

Ideally I would like to use google apps for email and general document storage (with a basic folder structure to suit) but have ERPnext work seamlessly with tracking customers/sales and doing stuff like accounting, POs, invoicing, manufacturing, components tracking, etc etc.

It seems that for me to use ERPnext in a relatively comprehensive way I kind of need to let it take over email and document storage, but really I’d rather not… Or have I missed something that already exists?

You can integrate the login via OAuth

For email, support & leads should come directly into ERPNext You can use a separate id for support and sales and plug it in erpnext.

Check this:

It would be Awesome to integrate the GSuite apps into the system. Drive and docs for sure. The Email integration works well. Thanks team !