Using ERPNext with the associate model (selling services through consultants)

HI all,

We are looking at ERPNext as a product to manage a medium-sized consultancy firm.

Has anyone got any experience in using ERPNext with a model whereby each opportunity is associated to a team of external consultants? And each quote consists of a number of days of consultancy charged at a rate and with an associated consultant’s fee, so that we can work out potential profitability of the opportunity?

It seems to me that these are reasonable standard things to do, but I cannot seem to find an easy obvious way to do so…

You couldn’t create each external consultant as a product and set their rates. You could also manage your costs.

Its a great extension for ERPNext and/or Frappe. May I please request you to consider collaborating with the community and developing this extension.

You will have to answer several questions along your journey - Scope, Funding and development. Hopefully you will contribute on all these dimensions and you will find people in the community that will also support you with contributions.