Using ERPNext WooCommerce Integration (with VAT tax)

I am having difficulty on how to setup / use the integration in ERP. When you create items on Woo - and sync with webhook - new items are created in ERP. However those items are not in stock - so you cannot fulfill those orders.

So you have to permit alternate items for the woocommerce items - and then at time of delivery - have to replace the item with the stock item.

Further if you even include the VAT tax in price in Woo - the webhook delivers correctly the tax portion and price portion separately - and correct invoice total. ERP correctly shows the VAT tax as an actual amount (and not calculated as %) as the VAT computation was performed in Woo. Hiowever when you replace the woo item with the erp stock item - ERP once again applies another VAT tax - based on the new item tax template… It also replaces the sales accounting head from the one associated with the woo item (say internet sales) to the one associated with the stock item…

For ecommerce to work - it seems this is requiring a lot of manual intervention… in its current form the integreation seems not workable when VAT tax is involved.

Appreciate any guidance on how to resolve above issues.