Using Events system

I’m looking at an attempt to create a few dependent systems. I have another post on here in regard to how it should be done using a custom module. I feel like I’m going to need more time, so I am considering penning it out in dotnet core or another language that i’m more familiar with, and then when i have more time to learn python, invest in building the module.

With that said, i know that NEXTErp / Frappe framework has a possibility of syncing with other systems. Is there something available that I can reference [without scanning the source code] to know what is pushed between each instance? I’m thinking I can use the “sync” apis to create data on the dependent system that will become 1-1 when the python module is ultimately written.

What you’re describing seems fitting to the hook system

My initial thoughts are here:

Once I got that in place, it was getting rather difficult to see how I could get decisions made within this module into dependent systems.

The thought of this module was to allow Subscriptions within the Accounting module push the configured subscription definition as “licenses” into the custom module. Once there, then within the custom module, “provision tenants” for each customer created within the Selling module. Business logic would be necessary to ensure things like too many tenants being hosted for number of subscriptions being paid for, cancelling subscriptions while there are active tenants using the subscription, etc.

Another way I had thought of scoping this was having a dependency on an event storage library/database with immutable data, then have dependent systems read the stream of events to project the tenants/roles/etc. for use within its system. The decisions are made within NEXTErp, and the dependent system should just make notes of those decisions and subsequently start making its own, domain specific decisions while the user interacts with the system.

In python, I have NFI how to implement some sort of event storage within NEXTErp, which would be highly beneficial for items such as these.

At this point, I am working on a dedicated portal for this work, with the hope of bringing it into NEXTErp at some point in the future if it feels like it should be integrated. If we can do this now, then I can negate the extra development, and have it within NEXTErp from the fictitious start date.