Using Evolution with ERPNext


There is someone that is interested in using the manufacturing part of ERPNext but is already
stuck with Evolution as his accounting.

Would the import of receipt info from Evolution to ERPNext be sufficient to update the stock
levels in ERPNext of items that was purchased via Evolution?

If the goal is to just upload Opening Stock entries you can do that along with Item master, other prerequisites mentioned here and a default chart of accounts.(ERPNext provides out of box)

However, if your goal is to migrate accounting entries, other balance sheet items like receivables, payables you may need a more detailed migration. You may find this link useful to get more information about data migration.

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Thank you @Pawan

This guy wants to run Evolution and ERPNext in parallel.
Yes, it is rather complex and I am hoping that common-sense “wins” and that a full
migration to ERPNext is on the cards.

Thank you for your time.