Using External template for website

I’m trying to use external bootstrap page template for website…here’s what I done:

  1. I added template js and css files under public folder of my custom app
  2. I added build.json into it to minify js and css files
  3. I added #web_include_css = “assets/css/custom1-web.min.css”
    #web_include_js = “assets/js/custom1-web.min.js” in of my custom app
  4. Copy .html code of the template on single web page as homepage
  5. I ran bench build

But the design doesn’t seem to work…What I missed here?

Hi @jof2jc,

Did you try bench clear-cache?

@rohit_w yes, but didn’t work. do you have any hints?

were you able to solve this?