Using Frappe session as an authorization for a wiki

Hey all,

I’m trying to set up a wiki for my team, from a different server. (office.[business].com, and wiki.[business].com) Ideally, they would have straightforward access to/editing of installation guidelines while in the field (accessed from phone mostly). I would like to keep them from having to login to a seperate site, however want access to be revoked if they were to leave or share the url.

Ideas I have had are:

  • Basic php if function that would read the erpnext cookie (assuming its possible, because they are both from the same domain, but different subdomains)

  • Finding an o-auth extension

  • Rest API?

  • Masking the url in an erpnext “Web page” (permissions to only enable for users logged into desk)

I’m wondering if there are any simple ways to acheive this? Against the spirit of the community, I was going to just hack this together, and I don’t think there is information valuable enough for anybody to try gaining access to when they are not permitted, but I think that the integrations could possibly fill the need properly if used correctly.


Why not hack a simple Wiki extension in Frappe (?)

There are certain limitations that would make things quite a bit more static than I would hope. Breadcrumb and multi-tier hierarchical navigation are the main ones.