Using HeidiSQL to access ERPNext database?

Can I use HeidiSQL to remote access my ERPNext database?

Yes. Best option is to install and use putty along with HeidiSQL via SSH tunnel

Hi Trent, is there an idiots guide somewhere I can refer too?

I have not accessed ERPNext remotely before, I’m used too MariaDB hosted in the cloud, etc. No problems there.

I have created a test DB with ERPNext, I have HeidiSQL and Putty.
What do I do in ERPN to get connected.
What type of SSL key should I create using Putty, etc.

I use the 2 something like this…

The password in the left box is the mysql DB password for the user (root in this example).
The password on the right box is the password for your erpnext/frappe user

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@trentmu - Thanks for the instructions and screenshots. This work for me.

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