Using multiple values as a filter in SI list view

Here’s the scenario, I have a list of a few hundreds of Sale Invoices that I would like to cancel in bulk. I’d rather avoid doing this manually as it would take a while.

Is there a way in the sale invoice list view to use a comma separated list or similar syntax of these values as a filter?

Any other suggestions if this is not possible?

Why don’t you consider running a patch for this via backend?
Hint: bench console

So that means there’s no easy way around this then?

But that sounds interesting and powerful. Where should I begin with finding examples and learning?

Also I assume this isn’t as simple as running an sql query against the records in the tables tabSales Invoice and tabSales Invoice Item? I assume there’s more to cancelling an invoice like updating ledger and stuff. Correct?

Yes patches are typically sql scripts to migrate user data when for example the database schema changes or is refactored with version upgrades.

Here is a case of the bench run-patch command V12 Upgrade Issue: DocType Item Manufacturer not found