Using --no-mariadb-socket on Production

Hi guys,

So I have a need to create site dynamically, and that required me to have mariadb allow wildcard host remote connect, which lead me to use --no-mariadb-socket when create new site.

Is it safe to use this option? since reading in frappe_docker repository there not much information about this option

Thank you guys alot

It is safe when other things are secured. It assumed that the machines from which mariadb is accessed are under private network. There is no public access to mariadb then you are safer.

Like docker services, kubernetes cluster services, or VPN.

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thank you very much,

FYI: about my other question: Frappe_docker with bench_manager preinstall - Developers - Discuss Frappe/ERPNext

I have to fork bench_manager and add --no-mariadb-socket to make it works :smiley:

And it lead to this question :smiley:

Once again thank you alot