Using open source power calDav cardDav etc

Would be great to have caldav integration! Any efforts toward that?

Getting to know ERPNext a little better I can see why it is a brave endevour to take on calander-sync to an external device with calDav. As a lot of “things” inside ERPNext are calender or event related. For example tasks in projects and the project itself and all timesheets connected to it could all be calDav items. These then again are connected to users and other items like projects tasks and customers. I can see this beeing very tricky when sharing and setting permissions. Also I think no one would like to have 100+ calendars to chose from on his phone or inside thunderbird.
A baby step I would like to suggest though is to implement *.ics attachments for maybe just a few items. The idea is, that when I for example create a ToDo for someone there is a *.ics attached which he can then again load into his program or device of choice. Any ideas on that?
Unfortunatelly I can only provide on hand experience but no coding effort.

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ICS generation for Doctypes with Calendar support can be mapped.
Possibly using _calendar.js to map .ics and event data.

Add github Issue


Has there ever been any progress on this?

not yet no. I have had a look at the data migration tool. It should probably be possible to do this but we have not got the necessary recources to go ahead right now. I’ll let you all know if make any progress.

I’m also very interested in this, nextcloud integration would be awesome!
I may provide some funding for that

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Hey @idao I’d like to advance in the project “nextcloud integration” I guess this could be fairly easy as nextcloud is jsut like ERPNext a very modern product. I found this:

Maybe a developer can comment on this.

@rmeyer @itsdave @joelios @lasalesi

Does any have any experience on pushing a project like this with bountys etc. to get this into core. @Basawaraj_Savalagi maybe you can give a a hint?



We have done calDav feeds based on data from ERPNext. For example, this is a simple public calendar feed:

As you describe, the mapping is the part which is customized/individual…

Hi Lars,

thank you for sharing. Is this something I am able to install and test? Do you provide some kind of documentation anywhere?


Sure, you can install the app (I propose in a test environment) using the standard commands

$ bench get-app
$ bench install-app firetesting

Documentation is limited :wink: Set a calendar secret in the settings, then use the endpoint to access the calendar. You can also copy the relevant code to your own app and use it from there…

Hi @lasalesi do you have this somewhere installed where you can show me via a quick demo?


@wojosc i just stumbled over this:

Not sure if it has something you are looking for, though.

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To add context to your reference Document and Archiving System - #12 by woakes070048

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Thank you Dave! This might be exsactly what we are looking for. I have just sent an e-mail to the developer. I’ll get back to you with any news on the subject.

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do you have this somewhere installed where you can show me via a quick demo?

sure, remind me next week :wink:


Maybe not the optimal name for an app :wink: , but the description sounds very interesting, will also have a look into this… Seems to be straightforwar integrating the WebDav…

Thank you. I am just talking to @joelios and will be installing this on our test server.

For everyone else:

firetesting is not the function itself but an app including the required functionality. What libracore has built is a python file will calls a function on a iCal library which needs to be installed on your server first. This function collects information from a given docType (in this case Event) an puts all the information from events marked “public” into an iCal-feed.

Further there is a docType which should be created to be able to set some settings on a UI. For the moment this needs to be done by hand.

Having all this done you will be able to subscribe to an iCal-feed in any compatible calendar-app like, thunderbird, outlook, apples calendar etc.

The calendar is a one-way sync from your erpnext instance to you calendar.

Sounds good. Yes, firetesting is one module that that an inbuilt calDav support (as a calendar feed of the public “Event” records). As there are meny things from ERPNext that can be fed into calendars (refer to the calendar view) and even tasks are nicely deployed using calDav, there is quite a variety of similar feeds around (which is why they are typically built into an app along with other customisations)…

Maybe there is an generic application worthwile to be integrated in the core.

Merry Christmas to you all!

So we have bundled the function in an app at GitHub - joelios/iCalFeed

I have taken the time to test with Thunderbird and Apples Calendar. Works as expected.

Here are some screenshots:

Go to Settingspage:

and setup basic configuration

The highlighted fields will be parsed to your feed. (+Date & Time)

Apple Calendar:

Thunderbird (on macOS):


So you can see, that it will do what it should but needs a little optimization here and there.

@Basawaraj_Savalagi fyi

You all have a nice holiday!



Has there been any work done for contacts? This is actually much more important for us than events - knowing who’s calling you on your phone. CardDav? Microsoft 365 integration?

thanks @wojosc for sharing this.
Just wondering how are password stored in the db? in clear?
Could any IT administrator for the frappe/erpnext site have access to these password if put in the database?