Using PC MAC Address for user access authentication


Is it possible to use a PC’s MAC address to give or deny access to a user?

The same way we can IP address to restrict a user to a specific IP address can erpnext be configured to use MAC address instead??


Doable using LDAP server, ERPNext supports LDAP out-of-the-box.

but you could only use that localy or via VPN !?

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Would you mind explaining a bit more on this?


MAC addresses can be easily spoofed and so present a massive security issue.
Username and password is a lot more secure.

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Maybe I should explain what am trying to do, just in case there is a better way

We have multiple retail outlets, with different cashiers.

We also sometimes move cashiers from one location to another.

If a cashier that is profiled for branch A is moved to branch B, without changing the POS profile, all sales she makes will end up reporting to branch A and reducing branch A’s stock, even though the physical transaction is done in B, that will be a nightmare.

To prevent this I want to be able to find a way to restrict each cashier to a physical location and if she goes to another location, she will not be able to login.

IP address restriction would have been perfect but we don’t have public IP addresses in our stores.

Any ideas??

Maybe set up a DDNS service for each store? They cost next to nothing if static IP addresses are not available.
Whatever way you end up doing it you need a static IP and SSL for each store or you are really asking for trouble.

ERPNext also has branch settings which might help once a secured connection has been achieved?

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Thanks, I will try this and get back to you

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Cool :slight_smile: Good Luck

it’s good if they add security feature like western union . in western union first time when they login from any computer , that computer register with western union and that user only can access from same computer and browser only .