Using POS To Select The Poroduct For Shopping Cart?

I Want to Using POS For Shopping Cart That Means When I Click The Item In POS That Item Is Automatically Save To Shopping cart After From That I delivery To Customer???Why I Ask Like This Because In POS,Item Are Easy taken By The Customer Help Of Image Likewise Online Shopping…
Now Its Possible To develop???Please Frds can U Help For Intergration…!!

Sorry can you write more clearly.

Let As See I Explain Clearly, Now I Go To Customer Place And Show All The Item To The Cust With Help Of POS, Then Customer Select The Particular Item In POS For That Item Quatation Or Sales Order Is created Automatically., Customer Has Easy To Select The Item With Help Of Image.Now I Want,When Cust Buy One Item That Item Is save To the CART Or Quatation Or Sales Order Is Notify For A User.After i Come Back To Shop And Review The Customer Sales Order And Then Delivery The Item To Customer…


Seems like you must make a custom UI for this.