Using pos without instant payment

hey everyone i hope you are doing well.
i have a little problem
i have a retail shop and want to use erpnext pos , in my shop i have 3 sale offices and the fourth is the accountant, each office from those three office sells a special type of products, the customer go to the office he want to buy from and put his order then he get his invoice and go to the accountant and pay the invoice, after that he come back where he put his order and get it .
now i want to use the point of sale to manage this process .
note that i have also commands from outside the shop delivered by the driver.
thank you .

Basically I guess it can be managed using Awesome Pos at the sells offices. So you get 3 Pos, everyone with user and the items filter applied.
Use this Pos on Sales Order mode so you allow Credit Sale and you can add delivery instructions when needed.
Print the Sale Invoice and the customer go to the accountant.
But the accountant does not use a Pos. The accountant use Payment Entry to get the Invoices pay.
With a Customized Stander Payment Entry Report you can track all payments.
With the Payment Entry printed the customer pick up the items or go home if delivery was agreed.
From de Sales Order (Status = Paid) make Delivery Notes when required.
I hope it helps.

hey ,thank you for replying.
but i don’t want to use delivery note just the orders and the payments
i want any solution even without using pos